Thursday, 1 October 2009

If only i actually met Dan Aykroyd

From coming back from one of the strangest gigs i have played in a while its hard to some it all up. With crazy boys dananananaykroyd and THE DAMNED!! playing before me i was really interested to see how my set would go down! But it was cool, catching up with Raffertie and Reso was real nice to. Seeing i was in Tilburg i made sure i got some satay chicken. After leaving the club i noticed there young girls outside the club, it was like 5am so it was pretty strange, turns out they were waiting for 3 nights to make sure they were at the front when mcfly played...mental!
The next night i played in Lisbon, such a lovely city and had such a lovely host who showed me about and got some amazing food! gig was really cool to, can't wait to go back!

here are some pics from the weekend...